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It's simple...It's about great food with great ingredients.

BBQ is a family affair with the Big Head Ed team and it just keeps growing!


A few years ago Diana made Ed one lucky man by becoming his wife!  Eddie and Dy are now officially the "head" of this growing BBQ operation. The unique culture of the BBQ community, great food, quality ingredients and exceptional people, drew them into the world of competitive BBQ.  Now they work with their team to bring all that to your next event.


Ed began cooking whole hogs for friends and family in the 1980's. BBQ Catering and Competitions started about 9 years ago and has involved the entire family.  The team consists of Ed's children Erin, Bryan, Elias and Daniel; Dy's children Jennifer, Dan, Kate and Garrett; along with their grandchildren Daniel, Kaleigh, Nyah, Gryffin and Christopher.  We all come together to bring you an authentic New England BBQ. 

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